Apartment Renovation - The Horror Of Our Town Or An Incredible Adventure?

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Apartment Renovation - The Horror Of Our Town Or An Incredible Adventure?
Apartment Renovation - The Horror Of Our Town Or An Incredible Adventure?

Apartment renovation - the horror of our town or an incredible adventure?

We live in the era of high technologies, when hard physical labor is replaced by various devices, and new materials allow us to create truly royal interiors, which we never dreamed of 20 years ago.

However, this fact makes repairs more difficult, often available only to a team of narrowly qualified specialists.

Have you bought a new apartment and now you have to renovate? Or does your home have tiles falling off, linoleum bursting, and a ten-year layer of dust on the ceiling? In any case, renovation is a big headache. And it can be so difficult to decide on it!

A lot of questions immediately arise. Do it yourself or hire a team of workers? How to organize everything so that the process goes smoothly and without delays, so that renovations do not become a lifestyle? How to take into account the interests of loved ones and at the same time not infringe on your own? How to negotiate with workers, neighbors and utilities? How to properly distribute funds so that there is enough for everything? How to foresee everything at once so that the new interior does not get bored in six months?

These endless questions often do not have answers, so we cannot decide to start repairs. However, having mastered the knowledge at the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, you can turn the repair into an exciting adventure or a pleasant hobby, depending on who likes what. But let's start in order.

Part 1. How to make repairs - on your own or hire a team of workers?

We live in the era of high technologies, when hard physical labor is replaced by various devices, and new materials allow us to create truly royal interiors, which we never dreamed of 20 years ago.

However, this fact makes repairs more difficult, often available only to a team of narrowly qualified specialists. Now it is already difficult to do without a knowledgeable electrician, because the presence of numerous electrical appliances in the house creates heavy loads on the electrical network. The same can be said about other workers - plumbers, window and door fitters, finishing workers.

Study the issue in detail and do everything at the highest level

Of course, you can decide on this project yourself. However, this option is only possible if you have an anal vector.

The owner of the anal vector is the person who loves to understand the issue in detail and, before proceeding with the repair, will carefully study all the subtleties that he will have to face. Repairing is exactly the kind of activity that can give him great pleasure, especially if he has free time or lacks implementation.

And this happens quite often in today's fast-paced and changeable skin times. People with an anal vector today often experience stress, lack. After all, the rhythm of their life is unhurried, their thoughts are turned to the past, when “the grass was greener and the water was wetter,” and the innate desire to do everything qualitatively does not always find proper approval and support.

So the repair in the house becomes an outlet, where he applies all his properties that are not in demand in work. Moreover, the house, comfort, cleanliness are significant values ​​for him, and his golden hands are exactly what is needed for the renovation to be successful. Such a pastime can become a pleasant hobby for him, which will balance his psyche after nervous work, create a good mood. The gratitude of the family for the efforts made will literally inspire him.

Apartment renovation
Apartment renovation

There is only one danger - renovation can become a lifestyle. In an effort to understand everything thoroughly, to do everything exclusively perfectly, a person with an anal vector will do everything too carefully, redo it again and again in order to achieve the desired result. Or he will simply hesitate for a long time to start the next stage, because it is always difficult for him to start something new.

Therefore, it is good when there is a spouse with a skin vector nearby (and this is most often the case, because opposites attract), who really wants to do everything faster and see what happens. He will create the necessary tension so that the repair does not turn into endless. The main thing is only to avoid conflicts on this basis. But more on that in the next part of the article.

Organize repairs at the highest level

The owner of the skin vector, of course, will not do the repair himself. This is not a leadership business - to work with your hands. He would prefer to hire a brigade. He is a great organizer, and this is where his talent is really needed.

However, without knowledge of human psychology and he / she may have errors in the recruitment of a repair team, which can lead to unnecessary delays, poor quality work and financial losses. To hire the right people and be sure they will cope with the tasks assigned, you need to distinguish between their vectors.

So, it's not bad if the electrician and plumber have cutaneous and anal vectors. They will need engineering thought, but thoroughness in doing the work will not hurt either. Good professionals in this business are active, fast people with a good logical mind.

If the electrician “scratches his turnips” for a long time, say goodbye to him. He must think quickly and clearly, proposing the right solutions and accurately disclosing the consequences of making them.

But the interior decorator, first of all, needs an anal vector. Yes, he will do everything quite slowly (in any case, do not rush him), but the result will please you very much. Everything will be done for centuries, in the best traditions of quality.

How to arrange repairs
How to arrange repairs

Of course, you need to make sure that his anal vector is in good condition. How to do it? Hear what he has to say. Usually he immediately pronounces his life attitudes. For example: "I like to do everything well, so that later I don't have a headache that needs to be redone." In his speech there should be no toilet vocabulary and mat.

And you can also see if he is dissolving dirt around him. If he is neatly dressed, after finishing work, he neatly lays out the tools on the table and cleans up the trash every day - this is who you need. A developed and realized person with an anal vector is clean and neat.

If you need good advice on interior design, choose a specialist with a visual vector. It is the owners of the anal-visual combination of vectors that are the best designers in any field. They will help you choose the materials and create color harmony, and give your home a certain style. Here they will be well served by their visual sensitivity to color and their ability to see beauty.

Your own artist

Now it has become fashionable to contact designers to create a project for the future interior. It is much easier to make repairs when everything is already thought out in advance, drawn and all things are put in their place.

Of course, contacting a specialist will save you a lot of time and resources. However, there are people who will never miss this pleasure - to create their own interior on their own. These are the same owners of the visual vector.

It is a great pleasure for them to notice and create the beauty of the material world. They will gladly think over the combination of colors in the interior, select materials, arrange all the elements to create a single harmonious whole. And then, with the same enthusiasm, settle in a new space - hang curtains, arrange flowers on the windows and vases on the shelves.

If such a person lives in your apartment, do not deprive him of the pleasure of thinking over the interior on his own, without resorting to the help of specialists. Perhaps your house in this case will turn out to be warmer and more comfortable, because it was created by a loved one who knows your most secret desires and habits.

The choice is clear

We figured out the first question - is it worth doing the repair yourself or hiring a team of specialists. What are our findings?

In these high-tech skin days, it makes sense to hire a team, especially since work is becoming more and more collective. People are solving more and more questions together. This is the general trend in the development of society.

However, if you have an anal or visual vector, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of doing at least part of the work on your own, especially if some of your properties are not realized in your professional activity. Then repairs will become a pleasant hobby for you, and not a headache.

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