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Olfactory Vector - Page 2

Video: Olfactory Vector - Page 2

Video: Olfactory Vector - Page 2
Video: Занятие 2. Кожный вектор. Тренинг Вектора. Проект Вячеслава Юнева 2023, March

Olfactory vector

There are receptors in the nose that are responsible for the conscious differentiation of odors: pleasant - unpleasant. And the so-called "zero nerve" distinguishes not smells, but pheromones. Pheromones are the basis of everything that happens between people. Two important processes take place through them …

Typical speech turns:

  • Still waters run deep…
  • Grandma said in two
  • Forewarned is forearmed!
  • Don't stick your nose into someone else's question

general characteristics

Number Less than 1%
Archetype Survive by all means
Species role Strategic scout, chief advisor, shaman
The most comfortable color Purple (but prefers to wear inconspicuous gray)
Geometry of the greatest comfort Zigzag
Place in a quartet Inner energy quartet, introvert
Type of thinking Intuitive, non-verbal, strategic

Features of the psyche

It used to be thought that the human sense of smell is an atavism of animal nature. But it is thanks to him that the perception of the most important information occurs: in addition to conscious smells, he recognizes unconscious, so-called pheromones.


From any sensor part of the information enters consciousness, and part, bypassing consciousness, goes directly to the unconscious. So, for example, with my skin I feel like another person has touched me, but I do not notice the constant touch of the shirt, I do not realize.

The same is with the sense of smell. There are receptors in the nose that are responsible for consciously differentiating between pleasant and unpleasant odors. And the so-called "zero nerve" distinguishes not smells, but pheromones. Pheromones are the basis of everything that happens between people. Through them, two most important processes take place: ranking (that is, alignment by ranks) in men and the emergence of attraction between men and women. The "zero nerve" is the erogenous zone of the olfactory person.

Pheromones are unconscious odors that tell more about a person than he could say about himself. They are a reflection of our emotions, states, unconscious desires. The state changes - the unconscious smell also changes. On the other hand, a certain smell can cause a certain emotional state in a person.

So, sensing the smell, the olfactory "smells" both your state and your thoughts. For the olfactory person, these thoughts "smell" worse than the stinkiest garbage can. For him, the whole world is a source of all kinds of smells, and among them there are no pleasant ones. The smell of every state, every thought betrays all imperfection, all the flaws of human nature. Therefore, on his face there is a mask of constant disgust. At birth, the olfactory person immediately falls into this constant "stench". He despises people. His feeling: "you are all below me." He does not seek contact with people.

The archetype of smell is to survive at all costs. The key to survival is having information. Olfactory through the perception of pheromones receives unique information that is no longer available to anyone else. This gives him the ability to manage, divide, rule.

At the same time, no one knows anything about the olfactory itself. He is always on the sidelines, but so that he has everything in sight, and … closer to the exit in case he has to flee. The smells of the olfactory scent are hidden so that no one can "read" him. The lack of smell causes a reaction of unaccountable fear in people of other vectors. We seem to see a person, but it is as if he is not there: without feeling the smell, we do not perceive him as an animated object at all. Thus, the olfactory person influences other people on an unconscious level.

The olfactory agent is realized only through the survival of the flock. He despises all humans, and above all, their stinking stupidity.


"My life is nothing, the life of the pack is everything" - this is how the urethral thinks. The olfactory person does not care about people in any sense and in any capacity, except for one thing: he needs a flock for his own survival (no one survives alone). So in the primitive flock, the olfactory person becomes the leader's advisor. He is engaged in internal counterintelligence and foreign strategic intelligence.

External Intelligence - Intelligence about the dangers in the landscape. When the spectators look around and say that there is no danger, and when the sound people listen and say that there is no danger, it is the olfactory who will notice the catch. He will come and say that there is no need to go there. It is not clear why, but it turns out to be so. It turns out that there is a danger lurking there.

Internal Intelligence - Intelligence about dangers within the pack. The flock can survive only if each fulfills its specific role. Therefore, the olfactory person pokes his nose everywhere. He makes sure that everyone works, everyone fulfills their specific role, and gets rid of unnecessary flock of individuals. Hence the primitive fear of olfactory people among spectators, rationalized by the words: "Not a good person, I feel it."

There is an unconscious conspiracy between the urethral chief and the olfactory advisor. The urethral is the only one who tolerates the olfactory, because it offers the chief the best way to survive in the landscape. The olfactory person becomes an advisor to the leader, because the urethral person keeps him from the hatred of the pack.

The task of surviving at all costs does not have a break for a single second, because if we conventionally imagine that there is a break in nature for it at least one second a year, then it is at that second that everything ends.

Therefore, the erogenous zone of the olfactory organ, the nose, never rests. Olfactory sleep is always superficial. He wakes up at the most critical moment, he does not know why. It is the olfactory people who become the heroes of stories like “I went out to the store in the middle of the night, and at this time my house burned down” or “I decided to stay at home and missed the plane that crashed”.

Smells have a unique intuitive, non-verbal mind. They have no mind in the usual sense. They do not engage in logical constructions, do not analyze the situation, do not try to present it, do not try to make out or name exactly. Instead, olfactors have the most accurate, powerful, vivid sensations of what and how to do, based on the pheromone background of others perceived by them. These feelings do not add up to words and are not spoken.


The olfactory does not have any keywords. Not only are there no keywords, even the exact names of the smells do not exist. Not in any language of the world. The thoughts of the olfactory person are pronounced by his younger brother in the energy quartet - the oral.

Since the task of surviving at all costs is more important than all others, it is not limited to either moral norms, or cultural norms, or norms of morality and ethics.

The olfactory species retains exclusively living matter. Not culture, not morality, but life itself. And the life of not every single person, but the life of the whole integrity of people. And therefore not a single cultural and moral restriction is imposed on him. Where the sense of smell is limited, all living things will die.

For the same reason, olfactors do not distinguish between truth and falsehood. They are the only ones who never lie, because they simply do not distinguish between truth and falsehood.

In a developed state, olfactory people are elementary adapted to the concepts of truth and lies, good and evil, but they do not feel this inside themselves. And they perform their specific role outside these categories. In other words, developed olfactory agents work in areas where the concepts of morality, truth and lies are not required, where another is more important - ensuring the survival of the flock. These are espionage, politics, finance and science.

They seek to take control of what poses a threat to survival, and in the end it becomes their profession.

Today, external intelligence as such is becoming a thing of the past: today the world is global and cosmopolitan, the borders between countries and peoples are becoming more and more blurred, and the world wide web of the Internet space completely erases all conceivable boundaries. But everyone knows such brilliant intelligence officers of the past, such as Rudolf Abel, without whose work the USSR would have been defenseless against the atomic bomb.

External strategic intelligence has evolved into politics. Smells today build the relationship of our flock with the outside flock, based on the imperative to survive at all costs. Occupying major political posts, becoming finance ministers, foreign ministers, they agree among themselves, pursuing a policy of containment. However, they are not based on any values of morality and ethics. "England has no permanent enemies and friends, there are interests of her crown."

All financial systems were created exclusively by olfactory agents and are still governed by them. Famous financiers include: Jon Snow, Henry Paulson, Alexey Kudrin, Alexander Shokhin.

Olfactory intelligence today targets threats from the microworld. Smells are scientists who are engaged in researching the unknown in areas where there are risks to human survival. This is what the people call curiosity. When the corresponding skill is also superimposed on this, then we are dealing with extreme curiosity. She makes olfactory scientists brilliant scientists. Not those who systematize ready-made knowledge, but those who make colossal breakthroughs, such as, for example, the invention of penicillin.


Underdeveloped olfactory people are considered big scoundrels. Big intriguers, they sometimes become victims of their own intrigue. Archetypal olfactors can become the most terrible serial killers and maniacs, fulfilling their specific role directly, that is, physically eliminating individuals unable to perform their tasks in the pack.

The olfactory child, prone to melancholy, does not seek communication. In the yard, in the classroom, at school, everyone does not like him. He feels this as a constant threat and, naturally, tries to get away from it, to stay at home under one pretext or another. If parents support this behavior, they raise a scoundrel and schemer with a bad future. Someday he himself may become a victim of his intrigues.

You need to understand that truly caring for your olfactory child means pushing him into the team. Is everyone in the yard? And him into the yard. All to school? And him to school. Is everyone fishing? And his fishing! This is exactly what he needs. Straining all his abilities to survive in a team, not to get into his erogenous nose, the olfactory develops. So he learns to fulfill his specific role - to survive at all costs.

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