Signs And Superstitions

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Signs And Superstitions
Signs And Superstitions

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Signs and superstitions

The black cat crossed the road … It would seem, what is it? Many will pass by, not even noticing anything, but not all … The mirror broke, and now she is a growing confidence in future failures. …

The black cat crossed the road … It would seem, what is it? Many will pass by, not even noticing anything, but not all … The mirror shattered, and now she is a growing confidence in future failures. … Where does this come from? Why did people begin to associate certain phenomena, such as a black cat or a broken mirror, with negative life situations, because there seems to be no logical connection between them?

superstition cat
superstition cat

Any person seeks to get away from the dangers that may arise at the most inopportune moment. Everyone would like to anticipate troubles in order to be able to avoid them. As the saying goes, "I would have known where to fall, I would have spread the straws." It is the fear for one's life and ignorance of the future that are the prerequisites for the emergence of all kinds of superstitions, signs, signs.

Fear of the unforeseen.

The main sensor through which any person learns the world around them is the eyes, and the special eyes of visual people allow them to see much better, clearer and farther than all others. In addition, spectators are impressionable, emotional people, they experience fear much more acutely than most people who simply try to be careful and not create or provoke dangerous situations. Even in ancient times, special vision was a guarantor of the preservation of life, a way to notice a threat and hide from it in time. Who can see the moving specks of a leopard prowling through the tall grass in the middle of the sun-drenched savanna? Only visual day guards, whose supersensitive sensors even distinguish shades of black, unlike the rest, for whom black is just black. Who else enjoys wildlife paintings as much as we do?visual people? These are exclusively our properties - the desire to look around with all eyes, the ability to notice the smallest details and, at the sight of danger, instantly become very frightened, spreading our fear to everyone. As a result, it is possible to avoid threats in time and save the life of the whole flock.

But a sunny day ends with sunset, twilight comes, night approaches. The sun goes away, but the leopards and other enemies remain. The eyes lose sensitivity in the dark, which means life is at stake. And then the fear of the dark appears, this is the very first, primitive fear, a visual manifestation of the universal human instinct for self-preservation, the fear of death.

Fear of the unknown, of what is not visible to the visual eye. The inability to determine what is in the darkness paints images in the imagination that are much more terrible than the darkness itself. It is true, after all, it was noticed - "The devil is not so terrible as his little one!" (in Ukrainian drawing). The huge emotional amplitude of the visual vector falls down into animal fear, an eerie picture seems to be reality, and the blood runs cold in the veins. This technique has long been known to Hollywood thriller directors. Dark corridor … poor lighting … door ajar … ominous silence … Suddenly, CALL! "AAA-A-a-a-a-a !!!" - heartbreaking cry of the main character. But nothing threatening has happened yet, and it was not required - impressionable spectators have already managed to imagine the terrifying bloody pictures of death. The fear of death is the main fear in the visual vector.Subconsciously, this was reflected in the saying: "Fear has large EYES."


Who is not afraid of the dark

On the night shift, the "older brother" of the visual day guard comes out - the sonic night guard of the pack, sits down and sits like an idol, thinking … Enjoys the silence … Suddenly! The crunch of a twig under the leopard's paw. "I hear the danger!" - said the soundman, the whole flock got up, jumped up the trees, the muscular strongmen grabbed the clubs … We survived. Because he hears. A visual girl runs up to the eccentric sound engineer: “Vaaasenka, how can you sit like that every night, in the dark? Predators, it's scary! " And Vasya is self-confident: “I hear everything and know everything” …

The primitive threats were over, and there was no longer any need to guard the flock day and night. People defended themselves with city walls, skin-visual girls no longer need to be afraid to save their lives. Now their rich emotionality is aimed at love for all living things, human life has been elevated by them to a cultural value, and all the cultural development of mankind has happened thanks to them. And the sound people from concentration in the dark on the sounds of the world around them moved into deep concentration on themselves - what is I and what is its place in this world under the endless starry sky … And they became the founders of all theories of existence: they are philosophers who comprehend the nature of things, they are astrologers, striving to unravel the secrets of the universe, they are the creators of religious teachings aimed at comprehending the secrets of the universe …

Each sound engineer, in his desire for comprehension, feels one on one with the universe, as if everything around him was created to tell him the secrets of the universe, in everything he is inclined to see Signs, everything around speaks and confirms his guesses about the secrets of life. "I missed the train, what do they want to say to me?" - the sound people like to mystify. The visual vector always and in everything follows the sound vector, “picks up” its movement. From the sound "heritage" visual people invariably tended to learn something for themselves, altering it in their own manner, adapting it to their needs. Throughout history, sound hoaxers have come up with many mysterious theories of the universe. And we, the spectators, are happy. And we believe. And the fears passed. After all, there is such a sonic Vasya nearby! He hears everything and knows everything, he knows the means that will protect us too.

Vision can perceive any most abstract sound attempt at describing the world in a figurative way and use it as a way to predict the future. Each sound Sign, whatever it means for the sound engineer himself, becomes a guide to action for the spectator. And fortune-telling, predictive astrology, crazy prophecies, omens and superstitions appear.

superstition 2
superstition 2

The visual vector in insufficient development, which has not passed into the state of Love, necessarily feels a certain amount of fear. The greater the proportion of fear, the greater its need to protect itself by any means, and the less the ability to perceive really existing causal relationships. Hang a horseshoe over the door - here's a talisman against all troubles, go around all black cats, spit over your right shoulder … Black cat, number 666 - anyone understands that this is an ordinary cat and ordinary, in no way outstanding numbers. And the spectators in fear see something ominous here, like in that long corridor in a thriller. They see what is not really there.

The highest development of the visual vector is empathy, compassion and care for others. Love is when you are not afraid of yourself, when thoughts are not about yourself, care is not about yourself. True love leaves no room for fear: "I love it so much that it is not scary to die!" It is impossible to imagine a person rushing to the aid of a loved one, who will be stopped on the way even by a hundred black cats.

The spectator is also a thinking person, with a great potential of figurative intelligence, extremely capable of cognizing the world around him. Knowing the essence of all phenomena and human nature is another great way to relieve any fears. After all, I am afraid only of what I do not understand, I do not realize, that is, I do not see. By discovering the root of fear in himself, realizing his essence, having learned to see the cause-and-effect relationships of his states, the visual person is able to defeat any fear.

The sound engineer, who got the opportunity to cognize himself through System-Vector Psychology, parted forever with conjectures and ideas that did not give, and could not give, answers to vital questions for him. And in focusing on himself, looking over and over again for these meanings, each time he discovers more and more deeply hidden secrets that he still has to comprehend in the future, again and again.

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