Maidan Or Ukraine

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Maidan Or Ukraine
Maidan Or Ukraine

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Maidan or Ukraine

Who is the war, to whom the mother is dear - who ordered the Euromaidan, or why the Ukrainians are shooting at each other. Today everyone is talking about the Maidan and, as a rule, from the point of view of their personal interests. What is really going on, why is everything bad and what are the prospects for the disoriented Ukrainian people? Surprisingly, even today, there is a way out of the situation that every Ukrainian dreams of …

At the International Correspondence Scientific and Practical Conference "Russian-Ukrainian Relations (History, Cooperation, Conflicts)" organized by the scientific journal "Historical and Socio-Educational Thought", a number of works were presented using the materials of the training on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

The work "Maidan: Poisoned Wells of Europe for Ivanushka the Fool" was published in the third issue of the magazine from 2014. By order of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 26/15 of June 17, 2011, the journal "Historical and Social-Educational Thought" is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals in psychological specialties.

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Introducing the text of the article:

Maidan: poisoned wells of Europe for Ivanushka the Fool

Who is the war, to whom the mother is dear - who ordered the Euromaidan, or why the Ukrainians are shooting at each other. Today everyone is talking about the Maidan and, as a rule, from the point of view of their personal interests. What is really going on, why is everything bad and what are the prospects for the disoriented Ukrainian people? Surprisingly, even today, there is a way out of the situation that every Ukrainian dreams of.

Wherever we live, no matter what nationality, no matter what theories we are fond of, we are created equal before Nature, that is, with the same rights and obligations in relation to her and to each other.

Humanity is the same biological species as any other on earth. Almost like that. Unlike animals, we have a developmental task provided with free will. Through the general psychic nature controls the species Homo sapiens no less intelligently and effectively than the animal world through instinct. The laws of natural governance are the same for everyone, we are unswervingly obeying them. This is our equality. Knowing the laws of natural management of people, it is easy to understand the meaning of what is happening in Ukraine, and a little earlier in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Libya.

To survive, people have always strived to unite in a flock. It is impossible to survive alone. Separating into communities and groups according to different characteristics (clan, tribe, nation), people retained the integrity of their blood-related association inside and separated themselves from others outside. At a certain historical stage, this ensured the accumulation and transfer of collective experience, therefore, guaranteed survival. Demographic growth, territorial development, economic development led to the formation of larger, supra-tribal and supranational communities of people. This is how states were created, within which people of different blood became mentally united.

A single mentality binds all the peoples of the Soviet Union, no matter how different, at first glance, Ukrainians, Georgians, Kazakhs or Armenians may seem. The USSR has long sunk into oblivion, but today we are mentally the same, the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. When we feel bad, we expect help from others - from above or from outside: from God, the government, from abroad. We ourselves are always ready to help those in need.

The Western mentality is different, there they do not help the weak, they interact with the strong and for a while they combine efforts with the sole purpose of gaining benefit for themselves. This is neither bad nor good, it is a natural given, which is best suited for the game, primarily political. Mentally different, we are not able to feel political "antics" as the carriers of the skin vector do. Political flair from nature is given only to 1% of humanity, according to the postulates of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. The rest can only be conscious of what is happening, i.e. understand and take into account the work of natural laws of management.

Everything that is happening now before our eyes is modern politics, the main principle of which is not new: divide and conquer. With the general trend towards globalization, increasing intellectual and military efforts have to be made to divide people. The support of "friendly groups" for the undercover struggle within the target country of the victim is not always enough, sometimes carpet bombing is required. It's deadly expensive. It would be better if they killed themselves, leaving resources and those who were willing to do any work by chance.

Western innovators don't stand behind the price when it comes to self-benefit. And there is no other benefit, no other goal in big politics. My country must survive at any cost. And not just to survive, but to live happily, as it should be in a modern consumer society, where desires do not keep pace with proposals for their satisfaction. Other countries and peoples are, at best, temporary allies, at worst - annoying, but removable obstacles on the way to the goal.

In order to live consuming the best, everyone who poses the minimum threat for this should be divided: the best minds should be integrated into their science, let the technologies move forward, the less smart ones will be useful as slaves. strength. Big Brother thinks about himself. He comes not to give us freedom, but to take away everything suitable for his own consumption. There is no need to be ill with the illusion of caring and participation. There are no such concepts in politics and cannot be. The power of receiving that underlies political intuition does not imply giving as such.

Let us recall the murderous interference in the affairs of Libya, as a result of which the society of the future of the entire Muslim world was destroyed in a few days! And what about Yugoslavia, the former pearl of Europe, turned into ruins and divided into warring tribes? But there was a time when this country could adequately resist the Stalinist expansion. United by a single will, the citizens of Yugoslavia collectively managed to build a very “tasty” socialism, the country flourished.

Do we see Big Brother's interest in the prosperity of someone other than himself? What did the people of Libya get in return for the destroyed, rich, progressive state, with equal rights for men and women, an excellent education and social structure, created by Muammar Gaddafi from scratch? A collapse into the past, into the dead flesh of patriarchy, the transformation of a flourishing country into a weakened, torn apart by internal contradictions territory outside the law and the future.

Can we assess what is happening today in Ukraine impartially, can we determine the vector of forces and choose the right position?

If you look only from the point of view of discontent with the odious president of Ukraine, then no. The position of the residents of Galychina, torn apart by the insoluble contradiction between zeal for the West and the inability to internally accept the rule of law inherent in the Western mentality, is one-sided. Remains phlegmatic apolitical like "my house is on the edge" or the great insult of the victims of the "Berkut" on Hrushevsky Street. Everyone is right with his little truth, and everyone is wrong, forgetting about the interests of the whole - the state.

The entire history of mankind demonstrates to us the emergence, formation and disintegration of states and empires, when the personal, local comes out in priority over common values. How easy it is at such moments for us, frightened and disoriented, incited by someone else's pragmatic will, to surrender to our own grievances, hatred and petty interests and destroy our country, being flattered by the unattainable image of “beautiful and well-fed” capitalist life.

Let's not go into the depths of the Middle Ages. Everything was in our very recent history. Twenty years ago we separated from the “Muscovites”. Have you built a strong economy? Living in a social paradise? Hey, lots of "little Switzerland"! Is it reasonable to expect that by making ourselves another amputation, we will become stronger, more powerful, more majestic? The easiest way is, listening to the ancient call of blood, to carve the country, like the carcass of a sacrificial animal, into Galychina, Crimea and the Easterners. As they say, mind is not needed.

The journey back to the pampas is effortless. But by listening to the call of blood, we call forth blood. Already called. Already spilled. Few? It will still be. Brother will rise up against brother and son against father. It's that simple! Because down. Because you do not need to think, you do not need to use the freedom of choice, the natural right of Homo sapiens. The smell of blood intoxicates primitive savages. To a cultured person, he is disgusting. Books and people are being burned in the capital of a European state! This is not a sick dream of the seer Heine, embodied in the ovens of Auschwitz, this is today and the nearest tomorrow of "independent Ukraine".

History will repeat itself until we learn to sacrifice our nationalist cockroaches for the common future of the human species. Nature has a lot of time, the horsemen of the Apocalypse will be enough for everyone who wants to stay forever in the land of unlearned lessons.

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