What Is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life

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What Is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life
What Is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life

Video: What Is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life

Video: What Is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life
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What is Satanism? Inverted Pentagram - Inverted Life

Baphomet, Ahriman, Haborim, Mastema, Moloch, O-Yama, Devil, Shaitan, Apollyon - these are all the names of the Satanic deity among different peoples of the world. The concept of "Satanism" is familiar to everyone. Someone treats him indifferently. It scares someone. And for some he is very attractive …

Baphomet, Ahriman, Haborim, Mastema, Moloch, O-Yama, Devil, Shaitan, Apollyon - these are all the names of the Satanic deity among different peoples of the world. The concept of "Satanism" is familiar to everyone. Someone treats him indifferently. It scares someone. And for some he is very attractive.

Who and why becomes an adherent of satanic sects - we will figure it out in this article.

What is Satanism?

The modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language explains it as follows:


  1. Traits, qualities inherent in Satan.
  2. The cult of Satan.

Wikipedia interprets this word a little differently:

Satanism, devilomania, devil worship are a number of occult and religious ideas, worldviews and beliefs that took shape in the 19th century as a protest against the dominant position of Christianity, in which the image of Satan is interpreted as a symbol of power and freedom.

The origin of the name Satan is still not clear, there are several different versions. According to one of them, this is the name of one of the gods of some people who lived in Palestine, which was subsequently exterminated by the Jews, and information about him did not reach us, and the Hebrew interpretation of "enemy" was invented later. According to another opinion, Satan is a modified name of the Egyptian god Set. Finally, there is a version that the name Satan is of Indo-European origin and means "luminiferous" (that is, the same as Lucifer in Latin).

If we ask people who consider themselves Satanists what Satanism is for them, we will hear a variety of answers, sometimes contradicting each other.

What is Satanism? "Progressive Satanists"

Perhaps religious people will be confused by the very concept of "progressive Satanism", but what we have is what we have. What do the so-called "progressive Satanists" say about themselves? For them, "Satanism is not a religion," but a philosophy that does not allow the existence of either God or the devil.

In this movement, Satan is directly replaced by his archetype. And he is considered a "progressive Satanist" who fits this archetype. The "archetype of Satan" includes such things as reason, cynicism, independence, healthy egoism. "Progressive Satanists" are fighting the remnants of society, the main of which is religion.

"Progressive Satanists", being materialists, reject that part of occultism, which is based on spirits, secret spells and other non-material things. They do not believe in the Last Judgment or in the afterlife, they are proud of themselves, they consider themselves smarter than the majority, therefore they treat society with disdain. They are convinced that each person should choose his own path, and Satanism is considered a philosophy for the elite. Therefore, they treat devil worshipers with frank contempt.


What is Satanism? "Traditional Satanists"

There is also the so-called traditional Satanism. Bloody sacrifices, people in black robes, muttering blasphemous prayers under their breath - it's all from there.

The contingent of devil-worshiping groups is mainly teenagers and young people aged 15-25 with a low level of education. However, the head of the formed group is almost always an adult personality, as a rule, with pronounced sociopathic inclinations.

“Traditional Satanists” believe in the devil as a deity. Among the subspecies of this Satanism, there are both beliefs that "Satan is a good and wise teacher" (the so-called bright Satanism) and devil worshipers with dead cats and sacrifices.

Adepts of "traditional Satanists" believe in magic and some higher powers. If "progressive Satanism" prescribes relying only on oneself, then in the traditional one it is quite normal to turn to demons, spirits or Satan for help. It is believed that if you please him with your life, then he will definitely help you.

Since "traditional Satanists" admit the existence of Satan, it already automatically becomes clear that after death "something is there." One part of them believes that after death, Satan will again allow them to be reborn in a human body, so that they will continue to serve him. Another part believes that, having got rid of the accursed material shell, one gains freedom. Well, in another variation - you join the army of the devil. The third part even admits the existence of hell as the base of this very army. But one way or another, they believe that existence does not end with death.

"Traditional Satanists" live in their own world, hidden from prying eyes. They do not advertise their ideas to everyone they meet.

What is Satanism? "Under-Satanists"

And so-called "under-Satanists" are also quite common. For them, the main rule of "playing Satanism" is blasphemy. They desecrate cemeteries, temples, and sometimes perform rituals, including ritual murders. Most often these are teenagers 13-15 years old. Wanting to attract attention, they dress pretentiously, use appropriate attributes. They do not hesitate to declare themselves in all conceivable and inconceivable ways.

They need a “respectable audience” to be constantly shocked. If there is no audience, there is no interest, the whole meaning of this theatrical amateur performance disappears. "Under-Satanists" are distinguished by the diversity of their views. Atheism, belief in everything. Everything was confused.

We went only to the top, without going into details, and let the reader not be confused by the light syllable - the described phenomena are in varying degrees dangerous for society and to a greater extent - for those who fall into the ranks of "Satanists" of one suit or another. What exactly caused the emergence of these currents and how it threatens its followers - let us consider from a systemic point of view.

What is Satanism? System parsing. Visual vector

First of all, representatives of the visual vector in an undeveloped state become the main component of satanic sects.


The two main components of the visual vector are love and fear. Moreover, fear is an archetypal state, that is, initially inherent in the mental. Fear for your life. And every person with a visual vector is very familiar with this feeling. But a person needs to develop to the state of love. This does not mean love for oneself, "the one and only," but love for other people.

Underdeveloped audiences love to watch horror movies and scare themselves in various ways. Instead of swinging their high emotional amplitude from birth into a plus - to go out into love and compassion for others, they swing it into a minus - into fear for themselves. Scary - not so scary. These are the experiences on which they swing all their lives.

In this case, manifestations of other vectors are superimposed on the purely visual "swing". For example, anal resentment or skin anger.

For example, a teenager's post on one of the Satanist forums: Suffering. Torment. Chaos. All this is brought to me by God and Orthodoxy. Although I am only 16 years old, but during my short adult life I realized one important thing: God does not love me. If I ask him about something, or even pray to him, he practically does not give me anything, but mostly punishes me for some unknown reason. And I am a kind person in life and help all people. In short, tell me about Satanism, maybe here I will find peace of mind.

The author clearly possesses an anal-visual ligament of vectors. And sways in a state of "no one loves me" on the basis of anal resentment against people.

Visual manifestations also include the desire of some Satanists to take a walk in the cemetery at night, arrange a Sabbath there, maybe even bleed an unfortunate animal (just not for yourself, God forbid). For what? It’s very scary to die yourself. The word "death" makes your hands cold. And here it seems like you yourself control death and decide who will live and who will die. In this way, they briefly stop their own inner fear.

Vision, on the other hand, seeks to show itself demonstratively, for show, looking for spectators for its orgies. Thus, the undeveloped visual person fills himself with attention to his person and also gets rid of the fear of death for a short time.

What is Satanism? Sects Created by Sound Professionals

If we talk about Satanism as an ideology, then we will talk about the sound vector. A sick sound person can create an ideology and induce others with his idea by creating a sect. Or he can carry misanthropic ideas inside himself, which also does not lead to anything good.

Until now, here and there destructive cults that are dangerous to society and their participants emerge. Their doctrines explicitly call for violence against people. Such organizations are always headed by a person with undeveloped sound combined with a skin vector. Leadership qualities of the skinner help organize people into structure and take the lead. And a sick sound is to induce adherents with an equally sick idea.

The desire to be free from any limitation is characteristic of an undeveloped skinner. He understands freedom as freedom exclusively for himself, taking himself outside the framework of society, refusing to understand the simple truth: your freedom ends where the freedom of another begins. At the same time, the over-egocentric sound gives a false sense of one's own exclusivity and difference from society.


In such organizations, you can also find people with undeveloped sound in combination with a frustrated anal vector. In most cases, these are formed moral and ethical degenerates who do not perceive other people as living, have lost contact with the outside world. In a moral and ethical degenerate, the picture of reality is so distorted that it is even difficult for a normal person to imagine it.

The train of thought of a sick sound specialist can take the most ugly forms. For example: a person who considers the by-products of the body (we are talking about children) to be his relatives, and the land on which he was born, worthy of worship, should be considered like a donkey.

The sick sound is ready to justify any crimes and does not recognize the norms of morality and ethics: Satan with the greatest mercy allows and bestows upon humanity all the so-called sins that lead a person to physical, intellectual or emotional satisfaction.

Around the undeveloped sound engineer - the ideologist - in such sects many of the same undeveloped spectators gather. Like attracts like. Property exploitation is also characteristic of such sects: since an undeveloped leather man is at the head, he purposefully enriches himself at the expense of his followers. Sexual exploitation is also nearby. In fact, having a low libido, the skin sound specialist uses all women who come to him for an imaginary rise in his rank, furnishing it with mythical ritual meanings.

What is Satanism? Lone satanist

The above-mentioned moral-moral degenerate with an anal-sound bunch of vectors may not be a member of any sect. At least not going anywhere and not going anywhere, but sitting, say, at computer shooters and day and night to kill virtual enemies, reading the satanic forum. And at the same time, to nurture misanthropic ideas in your head.

Anders Breivik was such a moral and ethical degenerate. He didn't need to be a member of the Satanist sect to go and kill people. But wasn't he a Satanist in essence?

From self-centeredness to Satanism …

So, as we figured out, the main engines of satanic currents are undeveloped or unrealized sound people. Or rather, an off-scale sound egocentrism, a hypertrophied sense of one's “I”, which simply does not allow one to feel the world outside.

"Progressive Satanists" profess the idea that they are different from the entire human race, their exclusiveness. In this state, they are little adapted to the world, they cannot get in touch with other people. They are covered with depression, they go into heavy music. Often they take drugs. And sometimes they become murderers - throwing their bodies out the window or taking with them many lives of strangers.


"Traditional Satanists" create dangerous sects, which, among other things, draw into themselves not yet formed adolescents and set them in advance in a false direction and a negative life scenario. The range of crimes that adherents of such sects are ready to commit is great: from the murder of a classmate at a common Sabbath to the mass murder of themselves and their children and the commission of terrorist acts in the name of another "great" idea.

Who is more dangerous - the first or the second? The answer is not nearly as obvious as it seems. The misanthropic plans of a cell of sectarians can often be thwarted, since where there are two, there may be a third, able to overhear it and convey “where it should be”. When a person sits and makes plans in one separate head, without involving anyone in the implementation of his plans, it is almost impossible to stop him.

Moreover, moral and ethical degeneration is a second acquired change in the psyche. Outwardly, this person looks much more adapted than, for example, the healthy sound engineer Perelman or any other scientist. Such a sound engineer is educated, socialized, the neighbors speak well of him, only the most terrible thoughts are pushing in his head.

System-vector psychology predicts an increase in moral and ethical degeneration and an increase in the number of lone terrorists who kill out of hatred for all living things.

The number of destructive organizations of Satanists and others will also not decrease - in view of the general poor state of the sound vector and the growth of the level of hostility in society.

As long as the sound engineer is focused on himself and on his inner negative feelings, until he learns to "go out" and see the world not only within himself, we will receive more and more organizations with more and more cruel ideology. And an increasing number of young spectators looking for themselves in this life will find a refuge there for themselves.

But there is good news: in most cases, when the deformation of the sound is not yet final, such people can be pulled out of this hole, giving another path and meaning to life. Even Breivik could have been directed a different path and given a chance for life. Not to mention the frightened visual girls, for whom the understanding of their nature, which has long become commonplace for anyone who has mastered system-vector psychology, would give a completely different direction in life.

Believe me, complete loneliness in the imaginary splendor of one's own egocentrism gives only an illusory feeling of happiness, but in fact it entails a bottomless emptiness and a dead end. How can it be completely different, even for the most complete egocentric, read and listen to Yuri Burlan's portal "System-Vector Psychology".

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