Nobody Understands Me! .. And Who Do You Understand?

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Nobody Understands Me! .. And Who Do You Understand?
Nobody Understands Me! .. And Who Do You Understand?
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Nobody understands me!.. And who do you understand?

Yes, we are the only species that has consciousness and is capable of development, but here we do not mean a separate person, individual, Vasya, but the species is Human.

The feeling of endless loneliness, the constant feeling that no one is able to understand you, hear you. This is a state of a dead end, when one day completely copies the previous one, and your whole existence is reduced to a meaningless series of events, at the end of which death.

The answer is somewhere inside. If you think about it, if you understand it, you can hear it …

Therefore, I feel good alone, in silence and concentration. It seems to me that just about - and I will understand. A little more, and I will learn this is the most important thing, which I have been missing all my life. A little more - and I will find the main answer that will make me happy.

Loneliness of the soul

The most introverted vector, the sound vector, is in a bad state today - forced development. The path that all the other seven vectors have traveled for millennia is now being traversed by the sound engineer. The process of development from the state of "into oneself" to the state of "to another" has made an outstanding economist or engineer out of a thieving leatherback. A frightened hysterical spectator has turned into a person capable of compassion - a doctor, volunteer or public figure who is sensitive to the pain of others …

The sound engineer today is on the way from consumption, self-focus, peak egocentrism - to creation, concentration on something else, spiritual altruism. Yes, on this journey he is alone, and no one else can pass this path for him. This is a developmental process. Painful, difficult, but inevitable.

We have been developing for more than 50,000 years, we are gaining more and more mental volume due to the development of each of the eight vectors. If the development of the emotional sphere in the visual vector has reached its apogee, being realized in an all-embracing and sacrificial love for another person, then the task of the sound engineer is to comprehend the spiritual, mental, and inner world of a person. And it has not yet been completed.

The level of realization of sound desires today does not correspond to the innate temperament of a modern sound engineer. The temperament is initially higher, therefore it requires a more complex implementation, which is not yet available. As a result, emptiness and unfulfilled desires remain, which creates negative states, frustrations, which we rationalize for ourselves as "no one understands us."

Instead of a sense of the uniqueness of a species, which only a sound engineer is capable of realizing in general, we live with a false sense of our own uniqueness and uniqueness.


Yes, we are the only species that has consciousness and is capable of development, but here we do not mean an individual person, an individual, Vasya, but a species is a Human.

Self-cognition = species cognition

Comprehending himself through the study of system-vector psychology, recognizing the structure of his own psyche, the mechanisms of desires and the stages of their development, the sound engineer for the first time opens the veil of the hidden unconscious. The most desirable and delicious! But only now, plunging into himself, the sound engineer unexpectedly meets there not himself, not Vasya, but his own kind.

For the first time in his life, he becomes able to justify with his heart not one himself, but all of humanity, he is able to feel the psychic of another in himself as his own.

Recognizing others by vectors, understanding their psyche, he does not feel hostility, he sees others in himself, he feels the whole appearance in one person.

By understanding others, he begins to understand himself.

By understanding others, he does not require them to understand him.

Understanding others, he finds the meaning of life, feels the matrix, sees the complete picture of the world through space and time.

It's filling up!

And it is precisely this state of comprehension, a deep and complete understanding of the existence of a species, methods of world perception, world perception and world outlook of people with different vectors, living and performing a common task, that gives the sound engineer an inexpressible feeling of joy from receiving answers to unasked questions. The problem “no one understands me” dissolves in the ocean of his own insight.

Now he knows why he was considered strange, why it is so difficult for him to get up in the morning, but it is easy for him to work after midnight, why his mother always screamed, but did not shout to him, which burdened him all his life and did not let go for a minute. It systematically becomes clear to him which pair suits him, which type of activity is closest to his psyche, which clues and anchors from childhood made themselves felt for many years, where the thoughts about death came from in his head. And it’s amazing why he didn’t like these amazing creatures - people before. After all, before he did not know what to talk to them about, how to behave, so as not to seem strange again, and why he had to do this - there was no such desire.

What changed? Intention.

Previously, a protective wall was immediately built, now a barrier is not needed. There is no dislike, no fear, no suspicion. Only surprise and admiration for this world, people, society - this is just a unique self-organizing system, living according to clear laws of the development of the collective mental. From a stone ax to a spaceship, from mating to sensual sex and love, from "how to survive for me at all costs" to "how to survive for all of humanity."

Understanding these laws, observing them in life, being a part of this process and realizing the importance of your own contribution to the common future is a sound delight. A new challenge for abstract intellect, a new search for answers, but only now having a concrete direction, a vector for the application of thoughts, a goal, a well-lit path.


The next round of human development depends on the sound engineer, the coming new phase of development can come only under conditions of a more developed sound vector than today. While the sound engineer concentrates on himself, drowning in egocentrism and replacing reality with virtual games, drug intoxication and continues to complain that no one understands him, not even trying to understand anyone else, we will stagnate. The power of desire will grow with each new generation, and there will be nothing to fill it with.

Nature itself pushes the sound vector to development - through suffering, bad conditions, depression, sociopathy, drug addiction and so on. But suffering is the wrong way. Realization of properties brings pleasure. Only in a positive state is a satisfied desire capable of giving birth to a new - doubled, intensified - and, therefore, predetermines further search, further work, a more complex realization, which gives a stronger pleasure.

Only a happy person is capable of development.

To suffer or develop, wait for understanding from others or begin to understand the whole world - the choice is now yours.

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