Spiritual Principles. You - Me, I - Myself?

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Spiritual Principles. You - Me, I - Myself?
Spiritual Principles. You - Me, I - Myself?

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Spiritual principles. You - me, I - myself?

Whatever spiritual principles people think, it is important to understand: without reaching a spiritual state, it is meaningless to talk about it and it is absolutely impossible to adequately assess whether another person is in spiritual states …

In the modern consumer society, although spiritual principles have not lost their relevance, they have somehow materialized too much. And the very first, fundamental principle of "give-receive", promising harmony with the world and from all sides, seemingly understandable, is perceived in very different ways.

Judge for yourself. Trainings promising enlightenment are on stream. Religion, which previously seemed to be the only way of spirituality, for many more and more comes down to the performance of a set of rituals, little distinguishable from those offered by healers and magicians "in the seventh generation." "You - me, I - you" - we understand that. It's even better when I have more than you. And spirituality too - "give it to me", because, they say, it is beneficial to be spiritual. And good for health.

Of course, there are people who are guided by centuries-old spiritual principles and live "according to the Scriptures." There are those whose spiritual search is directed to the still unknown or to foreign teachings in the hope that it is there that the spiritual principles are the most spiritual and the teachers are the most enlightened. There are many who have chosen their spiritual path, but now we are not talking about them. It's about the principles themselves and their understanding.

And in order not to get confused in what is happening, not to replace spiritual principles with a materially oriented "remake", a systematic understanding of the issue is necessary. For example, a clear distinction between the animal nature of man, from which we, no matter how dreamed, can not yet refuse, and human nature, which we still have to develop and develop.

No matter what spiritual principles people think, it is important to understand: without reaching a spiritual state, it is meaningless to talk about it and it is completely impossible to adequately assess whether another person is in spiritual states. The only thing we can do, using the knowledge of system-vector psychology, is to understand the opposition of the spiritual world to the animal nature of man and what shapes our worldly desires. For details - for training, but here we will just touch on the topic of "give-and-receive".

Spiritual principles. I - for you … for myself

Any person has needs that can be limited, but not completely eliminated. Here the spiritual principle of "bestowal and receiving" is manifested as matter. I take to survive … and a little more. For status or for a rainy day. I am not quite an animal, to be content with little, nature has endowed me with additional desires. I want to! I want constantly - material wealth, emotions, attention. I want pleasure!


But you have to give! First, you can't eat everything. Second, the payoff promises benefits. I'll give my family something - for this my wife will cook borscht and caress it. I'll give it to Maryivanna - she has a nephew, a deputy, maybe it will come in handy. I'll give Vaska my neighbor anything! I'm his friend, and friends are sacred. I will give it disinterestedly! But if I don’t give it up, I’ll feel foul. So, it also turns out that I give it for my own well-being.

I even give alms to a cripple near the church in order to seem better or to feel at least a little higher - again to get pleasure. So it turns out that the seemingly spiritual principle, wherever you look, turns into continuous consumption. I give it back, but in fact I take it.

Spiritual principles. I - for you … and me?

By and large, we do not know how to receive. One (the owner of the anal vector) may even feel guilty if it seems to him that he is being given too much, or resentment if he considers that he has been given too little. The other (the owner of the skin vector) strives to grab a little from above, and he will not forget to compare, has anyone received more than him?

Not everything and not always, but there is such a thing in the psychic, you can't go anywhere - this is what nature dictates. We often remember about spiritual principles and justice when we were cheated. And when we get it, it seems like it is necessary, deserved.

Rejoice in what you have? This is not set in human nature. This is already the influence of culture, these are spiritual principles introduced by religions, which come into conflict with modern concepts of success and personal growth.

Not many people have thet of accepting gifts in such a way that the giver feels happy, completely satisfied, "received" many times more than he gave. Gratitude to the giver, as one of the basic spiritual principles, does not often receive attention.

Spiritual principles. Happiness is to give

It may seem that we consider human nature to be completely "covetous" and without the prospect of spiritual and any other bestowal. However, do not underestimate the wisdom of the world. It is not for nothing that at the beginning we spoke about the excessive materialistic understanding of bestowal and reception.

Man was created to be thirsty for pleasure, but this desire contains the whole essence of interaction with others. A person is given from birth desires greater than other living beings. And depending on the vectors, these desires force us to look for realizations of properties. It was these additional desires that made man a man.

For example, the anal vector "forces" its owner to accumulate and store information for transmission to others. Teaching, transferring experience is a desire and a great pleasure for the owner of the anal vector. This is one of its innate properties, which can develop or not, or other properties can develop more, which will also bring pleasure in the process of their realization.

And so in every vector. I enjoy activities that ultimately benefit the whole community. When it comes to the developed and realized properties of vectors, a person is in his place and happy. Without any special focus on spiritual principles, he lives in harmony with the world.

Spiritual principles. Chasing meaning

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in harmony. Even trying diligently to observe all spiritual principles, one may not find realization. This is where the complexity of the modern world lies. Before us is a huge choice and many desires, often imposed by advertising.

Like five thousand years ago, a person follows desire … but runs into a wall. Takes, takes, but the satisfaction is less and less. He tries to give, but still there is no fulfillment of the meaning of his life. And he takes it again in order to feel pleasure even for a short moment. Someone recalls spiritual principles in the hope of greater satisfaction in life.

All you need to do is realize which desires are real. They are the ones that lead to happiness.


But it is not enough to be aware of your desires and properties, you need to realize them in society, that is, give them away. And not just give, but give where it is needed. Give so that they can take. Otherwise what's the point?

Spiritual principles. Everything has already been given to us

However, it all only seems complicated. Nature has set everyone to be happy. We are born with those properties that are most in demand by society, NO PERSON IS BORN EXTRA. It is not nature's fault that in the pursuit of consumption we are unable to take enormous wealth, which lies not at all in some abstract spiritual worlds, but right here, in front of our noses.

So great spiritual teachers talk about this, and we all climb into the higher spheres. We ourselves invent spiritual principles, not realizing that for most people on the planet, the highest spirituality is to be in our place. In the most materialistic sense, according to the design of nature.

The higher spheres and the knowledge of God is a need exclusively for the owners of the sound vector, but it is also realized not somewhere out there, but only here - in society. And the happiness of knowing the Universe is only here. And in isolation from society, any spiritual principles lose their meaning.

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