Erotic Massage. The Secret Of Double Relaxation

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Erotic Massage. The Secret Of Double Relaxation
Erotic Massage. The Secret Of Double Relaxation
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Erotic massage. The secret of double relaxation

"Sakura Branch", "Aphrodite's Breast", "Double Relax", "Taoist Lingam Massage". Go figure out the intricacies of sakura twigs and Aphrodite's breasts. When you visit the "salon" directly, the whole veil of superficial romance and mystery flies off at once.

Millennium mystery

For hundreds and even thousands of years, the great minds of mankind - psychologists, doctors, writers and philosophers - have been exploring one of the most important and still not fully understood spheres of human life - the relationship between a man and a woman.

Tons of experience have been accumulated, thousands of books have been written, experts in the field of inter-sex relations of all stripes are giving advice and teaching from TV screens and on the Internet: sexologists, pickupers, neurolinguistic programmers, para-, cosmo-, biopsychologists, hereditary healers and magicians. However, the wave of problems in this area continues to grow, and even the entire army of experts cannot contain it.

System-vector psychology claims that almost all problems between a man and a woman are solvable. It is enough just to understand and realize the root, the root cause of this or that unconscious behavior - and everything will fall into place by itself.


However, while not all people have in their intellectual arsenal the techniques and knowledge of system-vector psychology, one has to look for other, more mundane and straightforward ways to solve their sexual problems, often leading nowhere …

Strictly no sex!

"You will open the door to the world of unknown sexual pleasure and bliss … forget about all your problems and worries, completely relaxing and drowning in sensual touches … elusive movements, like the gestures of a magician, awaken erotic potential in you and release all your sexual energy!" - these colorful and exciting ads on the Runet offer an unusual service for our ears and still incomprehensible to many - an erotic massage.

Bright pulsating inscription: "Strictly no sex!" - only adds to the stupor. Official prostitution in Russia is prohibited, but everyone understands that this phenomenon exists on a huge scale, hiding on the Internet behind the signs: "Sauna", "Leisure", "Individual rest". We all got used to it and to some extent even put up with it. And what, then, is the essence of erotic massage?

Let's open the veil of secrecy and look at this phenomenon from the standpoint of system-vector psychology …

Aphrodite's chest in sakura branches

The names of the types of massage offered are finally and firmly jammed by the post-Soviet brains not yet skilled in Western business tricks, brilliant in science, but oak in everyday life: "Sakura Branch", "Aphrodite's Chest", "Double Relax", "Taoist Lingam Massage". Go figure out the intricacies of sakura twigs and Aphrodite's breasts.

When you visit the "salon" directly, the whole veil of superficial romance and mystery flies off at once.

The "salons" themselves, in the overwhelming majority of cases, turn out to be ordinary apartments, in which, depending on the flight of imagination and the volume of the wallet of the owner of such a business, a relaxing and caressing atmosphere for the visitor is created. In one case, it is a Spartan mattress thrown right on the floor, a wall sconce with a red lampshade and love songs from a wheezing tape recorder standing right on the floor. In other cases, it is even a good renovation, a ceiling covered with waves of fabric, a large canopy bed, painted walls and subdued intimate light.

System-vector psychology sees a clear dependence of such a radically different design of salons on the personality of the business owner. Only a person with a visual vector sees and understands the beauty of the physical world, only such a person is able to understand through himself the pleasure and excitement of dim light, playing colors, decoration - and indeed, to understand the importance of this entourage.


People without a visual vector are not able to appreciate beauty, understand the compatibility of colors, shades and can only pick up banal and hackneyed clichés from magazines, TV and the Internet. But even using someone else's design ideas will look clumsy and awkward. System-vector psychology warns all owners of massage parlors: without innate inclinations for fine art and design, the result of your labors on this path will be deplorable!

Businessman outside - pimp inside

Often in a massage parlor you can meet an administrator, often part-time and there is the very entrepreneur who rented an apartment, agreed with the supervisory authorities and hired girls-masseuses.

System-vector psychology uniquely defines such a person as the owner of the skin vector. Flexible, agile in body and soul, he always strives for a high social status through earning money. He knows how to limit himself, save money and, most importantly, knows how to enjoy self-restraint.

That's why he works as an administrator in his own business: why spend money hiring a person from the street? You can work yourself, save money! He talks only about money, immediately evaluates the visitor by his appearance, clearly describes the cost of massage programs - this will even sell snow in winter. Without hesitation, he asks visitors about work: “Where do you work? How much do you get? " And if the named figure is less or comparable to his revenue, then an attempt to raise his rank at the expense of the client follows: “I am quite a few years old, but I already earn more!”

An ordinary person can be confused and even offended by such pressure. However, those who already have a baggage of knowledge in system-vector psychology will immediately clearly see that they are facing an undeveloped owner of the skin vector. A person who could become a lawmaker, a talented engineer, the founder of a big business that brings not only money, but also benefits to others! Instead, he sits in a rented apartment and trades in bodies, trying to clothe his petty immoral entrepreneurship in the glittering clothes of a successful socially useful business.

Master of all legs

The key figures in the field of erotic massage are, of course, the female masseuses themselves. To prevent the girls from being pressured by public opinion and their own inner shame for a job that looks like a banal prostitution, one of the employers aptly came up with calling the girls “masters”. The illusion of quite socially useful services such as hairdressing salons is created, because there are also all polls "masters" who provide all possible assistance to everyone. And you immediately feel your worth: you are not some kind of hairdresser or massage therapist of incomprehensible qualifications - you are a "master"! This means that you are a priori a professional, an expert, you have a certain status. You involuntarily feel respect for a person called a master!

Who goes to work in the field of "light" sexual services? System-vector psychology again comes to our aid. Girls-masters are all as on the selection of the owner of the skin and visual vectors. Extremely plastic, sensual, subtly understanding the beauty of movements and gestures. Such girls are natural-born actresses, dancers and … prostitutes, it all depends on the level of development of the vectors. The lower the level of development, the more pleasure such a girl gets from nudity in front of others and from prostitution in an explicit or in a lighter, hidden form, such as erotic massage.


System-vector psychology focuses our attention on an extremely interesting feature of skin-visual women. Under certain internal conditions, such women become the object of desire of all men without exception, so strong and attractive are the pheromones of attraction emitted by them. Moreover, pheromones are emitted undifferentiated, that is, to all men indiscriminately. Naturally, sexual contact or even a massage from such a woman will be extremely pleasant for any man on the physical level because of the strong attraction, and this is in addition to the additional bonus in the form of the emotional and sensual coloring of such a contact.

In the field of erotic massage are also just skin girls without a visual vector, their main desire is to make money: they regard their body as an asset. But sexual contact with a skin woman who does not release the pheromones of attraction to the right and to the left will be purely mechanical, without passion and attraction. A person who is not familiar with system-vector psychology will simply say: "Well, somehow everything went boringly, without a spark!" No emotional coloring, no artistry and plasticity in movements - rude moans, a stone face and constrained identical movements will turn the moment of pleasure so desired by men into physical torture. The only thought will be to finish your business as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible - feelings comparable to chopping wood or unloading a dump truck can be obtained without any problems in other places, and completely free of charge.

The secret of double relaxation

The essence of erotic massage is quite banal. It boils down to the interweaving of elements of a classic healing massage and an erotic part - in it a naked girl massages the visitor's body not only with her hands, but also with all parts of the female body, up to the most intimate ones. The massage is carried out until the man is completely sexual, which, avoiding medical terms that hit the ears and eyes of untrained Internet users, is called "complete relaxation", or simply "relaxation".

In general, in order to give this activity the most decent look and attract even the most cultured and intelligent clients, all generally accepted names and concepts are replaced with other words that reduce the level of obscenity and are designed to smooth out the rough edges at least a little. At the same time, they are chosen so that every adult will almost certainly understand what is at stake. "Massage to complete relaxation … acupressure lingam … royal relaxation with herbal bags … deep caresses …" After such transparent hints, the hand itself reaches for the phone.


Each salon has its own "menu", which lists all types of services and prices. A separate article is “add. services ". Anyone who knows the principles of system-vector psychology, it is obvious that the very idea of ​​additional services first appeared in the West, in the USA and Europe. In these countries with a skin mentality, everything is aimed at maximizing profit by all means, so the services provided are stretched to the widest possible range of consumers. There are prices for every pocket. Moreover, the division of services into smaller elements with a separate and seemingly low cost pushes the consumer to spend a little more money than he originally expected.

You can come up with any excuses, explain this behavior by caring for customers and the convenience of working with people and for people, but the root of all this is just the desire to get as much profit as possible by all available methods. This unconscious desire of skin people, hidden even from themselves, is clearly traced and calculated by the methods of system-vector psychology - a universal tool for dissecting reality.

As additional services, you can order such types of "interaction", which until some time were available only from real "priestesses of love". An example of one of the most "innocent" pranks is the "Lady" program with all the textbook entourage: leather, whips and thorns. Upon further study of the "menu" of the salon, the obligatory phrase: "Strictly no sex!" - begins to cause genuine bewilderment … or even nervous laughter.

Lingam is restless. Yoni to Yoni

Many women were deceived by their husbands, many experienced the shock of betrayal. There is even a common phrase that sooner or later any man begins to change. Women all over the world rack their brains and wonder - what is the root of betrayal, why do men go to the left, who walks and, most importantly, why? What is missing in family life?

Sexologists and other experts in relations between men and women make different assumptions, look for dependencies, tendencies and still have not yet come to a single system that explains any manifestations of sexual behavior of men and women.

Only systemic vector psychology is capable of today adequately highlighting and explaining the root cause of any betrayal, any dissatisfaction in sexual and family life, pushing many men into the arms of the priestesses of love and the velvet paws of massage parlors.

The main consumers of erotic massage are men with anal and cutaneous vectors.

From the standpoint of system-vector psychology, an anal man, monogamous by nature, the most exemplary family man and husband, has a powerful libido, he needs regular sexual contact with his wife. Not getting enough of it, he experiences intense stress and suffering, like a man tormented by unbearable thirst in the desert. If you put water in front of a suffering person, but say that it is someone else's and drinking it is prohibited by law, sooner or later he will break the ban and get drunk - the thirst is too great and intolerable. Similarly, an anal man, not being able to fully satisfy his desires at home, he will look for an opportunity to "get drunk" on the side. The value of the family and loyalty are above all for him, however, when the thirst becomes unbearable, no prohibitions and restrictions can restrain a person.


In addition, although erotic massage is close to outright prostitution, there is no direct sexual contact - only imitation. This feature makes it possible to separate erotic massage from obvious betrayal in the minds of society, because, in fact, he simply rubbed himself against another woman, well, what's wrong with that? Well, yes, she was naked - but this is not treason!

This thin, but still the border allows anal people to somehow get the pleasure that is missing in their family life, without crossing a certain line. A line that exists only in the consciousness of an anal person, stepping over which he will go against all his ideals and innate system of values.

Applying the knowledge of system-vector psychology, one can also easily understand the motivation of a skin man who visits massage parlors. For a happy life, without suffering and stress, such a man needs to realize himself in life as an organizer, leader, a person who can effectively manage a team and find the least costly and optimal ways to fulfill any tasks assigned to him.

Not receiving, for some reason, the proper realization of his innate properties, such a man seeks to realize an internal craving for novelty not in his professional activity, but in changing sexual partners. Another manifestation of skin stress can be the desire to obey and enjoy the beatings - masochism. It is for such people that the program "Mistress" is included in the menu of salons, which is why skin administrators advise it: they feel through themselves that such a program would bring them the necessary relaxation. Recommend to other people, even without admitting the thought that they may differ in their desires for pleasure.

A separate bait awaits the owners of the visual vector. You can, of course, use the services of a real prostitute, but for some it is too mundane - an animal act without a drop of romance and at least the semblance of sympathy. Here massage parlors come to the rescue, in which, in addition to bodily pleasure, you can get a little filling of the visual vector. Feigned surroundings, intriguing intriguing names, elements of artistry and plastics - all this adds charm and romance, elevating erotic massage in people's minds to the rank of something exclusive and even elite.

How much easy money has already been brought to enterprising people by the magic prefix "VIP", which turns an unprepossessing apartment into an apartment, an old foreign car into a business class car, and an ordinary person into an important person. People are ready to pay money even for the illusion of their importance! It was here that the skin weasel jumped over the medieval alchemist, who was plodding over the transformation of lead into gold. Getting money out of thin air is not a true miracle ?!


Intoxicated with relaxation. Hangover

In modern society, neither betrayal, nor frequent change of partners, nor civil marriages are no longer condemned in the same way as it was quite recently. Today, every person is an individual, which means that he lives as he wants, does what he wants and has his own opinion on any issue. At the same time, no one has the right to tell him how to live, the main thing is to always remain within the law.

However, without touching on the issue of morality, system-vector psychology unequivocally proves that people who visit massage parlors and use the services of priestesses of love have social and sexual frustrations, that is, dissatisfaction. They are unhappy, but they cannot understand this and are hostages of their bad conditions. What they are doing is not a crime, but it is a road to nowhere, especially since human nature always requires more, and over time there is a danger of sliding from "innocent" massage to the most deviant ways of getting pleasure, right up to outright violence.

The only way out of this situation for those who have already stepped on this slippery path, and even those who have already passed, it would seem, the point of no return, is the realization of their true innate desires. Only a deep understanding of your inner nature makes it possible to live a bright and happy life in a state of continuous pleasure. To live to the fullest, receiving joy from the realization of their innate qualities, and not hiding from people, secretly visiting ambiguous places and, like a thief, stealing from life only miserable crumbs of pleasure.

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