Natural Versus Rational Marriage. The Scientific Method Of Building Relationships

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Natural Versus Rational Marriage. The Scientific Method Of Building Relationships
Natural Versus Rational Marriage. The Scientific Method Of Building Relationships

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Natural versus rational marriage. The scientific method of building relationships

Equal marriage, unequal, marriage of convenience, by flight, fictitious marriage, first, second … But where, excuse me, is a happy marriage? Is there an option for such a successful relationship that none of the partners have a desire to start looking for an alternative for many years?

Equal marriage, unequal, marriage of convenience, by flight, fictitious marriage, first, second … so many options for family unions, but where, excuse me, is a happy marriage? Is there an option for such a successful relationship that none of the partners have a desire to start looking for an alternative for many years?

prirodniy brak1
prirodniy brak1

The experience of many couples, especially our grandparents, suggests that yes, family happiness exists!

How do real human halves find each other?

By what signs can you determine exactly that one or his, narrowed?

Which marriage is simply doomed to split in a few years, and which one is capable of becoming a life embodiment of the expression: “They lived happily ever after”?

Like a key to a lock

It's no secret that men and women are mostly made for each other. We cannot exist separately and still be absolutely happy.

In addition to the fact that there will be no procreation, alone we are not able to fully reveal our full potential.

We all need relationships - we can take place as individuals only by being a couple. The masculine principle is giving, first of all, ejaculate (for the continuation of a kind), and then other benefits (material and intangible), the feminine principle is receiving, in this both the man and the woman find pleasure.

Yin and yang, night and day, heaven and earth - only together we make one whole.

Since ancient times, the female chooses a male that can give her more - to protect, feed, provide for the offspring. And this is far from only the mercantile prudence of skin ladies, but a property conditioned by the female nature: in order to fulfill her natural task - to bear, give birth and give primary education to a child, a woman needs to be provided.

A man conquered a woman in order to be able to give his ejaculate, get his orgasm and transmit her gene pool to the future, a woman gave herself up to a man in order to get ejaculate and give birth to offspring.

In the tension between masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, the origin and existence of our life takes place. We give in order to receive. Including in relationships. We expect reciprocity - emotional connection, care and respect, spiritual unity, benefit and benefit - each within the framework of their desires.

prirodniy brak2
prirodniy brak2

A real happy union is not a pair of identical twin clones, but a harmonious relationship between two DIFFERENT personalities, who complement each other so much that their family is seen as a separate integral social organism, a real cell of society.

Each of the partners brings into these relations something of his own, unique, which the other does not have, and in return receives something equally unique and therefore valuable, which he himself does not have.

Love will come unwittingly …

Who is able to recognize their destiny at a time when everything is just beginning? When goosebumps run through the body and dizzy, when in every dream only he (she) is seen and the earth leaves from under your feet, when your eyes meet.

After all, it is then that any ability to think sensibly is lost, and all the more far-sightedly to calculate the prospect for years ahead.

Indeed, at that moment we think not with our head and not even with our heart, as we used to think …

Attraction! It all starts with attraction to each other, mutual attraction between him and her. Can you call it love? Yes and no. Because for 95% of the world's population, love is a concept instilled through the education of moral and ethical values. And only for 5% of humanity - the owners of the visual vector - this is an internal feeling, incomparable and not limited to one attraction.

Love in the visual vector is an emotional connection that a person creates with the object of his experiences.

Primarily, we all, regardless of the presence of a visual vector, make a choice of a partner, guided by sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is set by the lower vectors that shape our libido, our sexuality. And then everything is not so simple. For example, a developed visual person will never enter into a relationship with someone for whom he has no feelings.

However, let's start with libido. Who are we drawn to and why? How does the unconscious choice of a partner happen?

Nature plays a funny joke with us: we like those who are similar to us (the same vector with us), but we live with those to whom we are attracted (and there is a completely different vector set).

Who does the libido want?

A man with a skin vector, whose main value is property and social superiority, certainly looks at slender, fashionable and nimble skin girls who could emphasize his status as a wealthy person. But a really serious relationship (and not to sleep for one night) he will develop with a woman who has an anal vector.

The reason lies in the psychological qualities - subconsciously, the dermal man understands that it will be problematic to maintain the obtained state in tandem with the dermal woman, and after all, property loss is the greatest stress for him, which he tries to avoid in any way.

But the anal wife is an example of honesty, decency, loyalty and adherence to family traditions and, therefore, will preserve and protect everything that he brings to their home. She is the ideal hostess, wife and mother for their children, prioritizing family over career or earnings. With her, he is calmer, he feels more confident, not fearing for their family life and his condition.

In most cases, representatives of the anal vector turn out to be the chosen skin partners. And they agree to such a relationship, admiring their sociability, quick reaction, the ability to instantly make decisions, provide the family with material goods and supplies for the future.

This happens in cases where a rare, but very bright representative of the urethral vector does not appear nearby, capable of conquering with his enormous sexuality, provided by a four-dimensional libido. Born to be a leader, having by nature the highest rank among men and promoting the entire human flock into the future, including ensuring the birth of offspring for all.

His pheromones on a subconscious level inform the woman that the birth of a child is guaranteed to her, and his highest rank ensures her the safety and respect of the “first lady”. Generous, tolerant of everyone, living according to the principle “all mine is yours” and prioritizing the general above his particular. His animal altruism and crazy sexuality simply conquer the owner of any vector set. If the anal woman chooses, then she chooses the urethral one.

For a passionate urethral leader, only one special woman can become the woman of a lifetime. This is a skin-visual lady, not created for a quiet family hearth, not giving birth and not truly belonging to any man. The only woman who, on an equal basis with men, has her own specific role, while all other women are created for giving birth and raising offspring. If a urethral person chooses, then he chooses a dermal one.

Being an active public person, a developed skin-visual woman brings culture to the masses, increasing the value of human life and reducing collective hostility in society through her creativity or social activities.

The skin-visual woman becomes the Muse of the entire life of the urethral leader, inspiring him to completely unthinkable achievements and deeds. The dermal man, if he makes a choice, chooses an anal partner.

The circle is closed, forming the rule of the love triangle. We choose those who do not choose us. If they choose us, then we agree and go for such a relationship. They are natural, that is, they have a natural attraction.

The only remaining bottom vector is muscle. These are people of a completely different psychological make-up who choose exactly the same representatives of the muscle vector as a pair and live together all their lives without conflicts or contradictions.

Taking pleasure in physical labor, they constitute the majority of the population of villages or carriers of blue-collar occupations in cities. The problem of choice in front of them does not stand as such, because the choice of a partner is either made by the parents, or the determining factors are hard work, the ability to work with their hands and the desire to procreate.

There are also exceptions to the rule. For example, when a dermal man mates a dermal woman. This always happens solely for mercantile reasons. And such an alliance will be durable only if the partners have a common monetary interest and lovers start on the side (and mutually).

It also happens that an anal woman becomes a partner of an anal man. Such marriages are boring and boring, there is neither passion nor any attraction in them. Partners are essentially friends with each other for a sense of stability and habit. Such a couple can disperse only if the husband and wife fundamentally do not agree with each other on any issue. If the opposition is fundamental, then they will not be able to find a common language - both are not flexible in their thinking.

A pair of urethral men and women is like a flash from a streaking meteorite. Once - and she is gone. Incredibly passionate, exuberant, this relationship ends quickly. As a rule, at the moment when the urethral woman (not the leader, but the leader) will be ahead of the urethral leader.

Who is the head thinking about?

The upper vectors are not directly involved in the formation of libido, but they give peculiar shades of sexuality to their owner and introduce some nuances in the choice and relationship with a partner. A sensual and impressionable owner of the visual vector experiences every emotion at its peak, turning any joyful event into delight, and failure into tragedy. The greatest romantics and dreamers, spectators fall in love often and a lot, rushing into their love headlong and often speculating on the missing details of the image to their chosen one.

Visual people feel comfortable paired with the same spectators or owners of a sound vector, but only in the case of a visual woman - a sound man, and not vice versa. The fact is that the sound vector is dominant, endowing its owner with a voluminous abstract intelligence, his needs lie outside the physical world and require their satisfaction through spiritual search. In a pair of a sound woman - a visual man, a woman, as initially endowed with greater intelligence, finds herself in the position of a giver, which is unnatural to natural laws (a woman receives, a man gives), therefore such a union cannot last for a long time.

It is difficult to imagine a successful relationship between the visual person and the olfactory person. These are indeed people from different worlds. The violent emotionality and extroversion of the visual vector runs counter to the desire of the olfactor to complete emotionlessness and melancholy.

A representative of the olfactory vector would rather prefer a minimally emotional muscle partner, without the upper vectors, with which he would feel psychologically more comfortable. And if he takes a spectator as his wife, then her fate will be very unenviable. “Those who left and did not return” (and later found killed) wives appear only in the relationship of an olfactory person and an undeveloped skin-visual woman.

The union of sound and oral vectors - an absolute introvert and an extrovert, seems to be just as complicated, they exist in completely different conditions. A sound specialist vitally needs complete silence and solitude to satisfy his sound needs in spiritual search, while an oral speaker, on the contrary, also desperately needs an interlocutor who will listen to his speech, providing an opportunity to realize the abilities of his verbal intellect.

It is possible to say unequivocally about the scenario of the development of relations in a particular pair, knowing exactly the vector set of partners, as well as the degree of development and implementation of their vectors.

prirodniy brak3
prirodniy brak3

Like attracts like

The levels of development of each of the vectors also play an important role - we are attracted to the owners of other vectors, but at exactly the same level of development as our own.

For example, the visual vector in a state of fear is drawn to the same low-developed sound vector, replenishing the ranks of various religious sects and esoteric movements, which are headed by fanatics-sound experts. Under the conditions of such a sect, visual women find an opportunity to satisfy their need for emotional swings, balancing between fear and love, and the skin-sound leader of such an organization, reveling in his inner fanatical state of a near-god, carries out the property and sexual exploitation of his adherents.

A developed visual vector in a woman becomes a wonderful match for a developed sound-visual man, creating a strong emotional and intellectual connection with him. Her soulful sensibility creates an excellent opportunity for the further realization of sound aspirations, and the sense of the highest value of human life gives abstract sound ideas human-centered goals.

Natural marriage is the most favorable psychological basis for building a long-term relationship in which both partners feel psychological comfort and a harmonious complement to each other in a couple.

prirodniy brak4
prirodniy brak4

The nature of the guarantees does not provide

Even the most optimal alliance in terms of vectors is doomed to split or a painful existence without mutual efforts from the partners.

A three-year period of attraction and natural preoccupation only provide an opportunity to create the foundation for building strong and long-term relationships that can bring satisfaction and joy to every family member.

Systemic vector psychology provides unique tools for choosing a partner and building joint relationships. By learning to recognize a vector, relationships can always be improved and strengthened.

The conscious choice of a partner is not a cold calculation and not a rash fall in love, but a mature understanding of your needs and joint chances for a successful relationship.

This is an opportunity to avoid many painful mistakes that become the cause of growing resentment and dissatisfaction, as well as the ability to consciously create a strong and happy family in which everyone is able to realize themselves as much as possible, bringing both love and care to their loved ones and the results of their work in society as a whole. …

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