"Border. Taiga Novel ". System Comment

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"Border. Taiga Novel ". System Comment
"Border. Taiga Novel ". System Comment

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"Border. Taiga novel ". System comment

The authors of the film present Nikita Goloshchekin as a "beast". He is a beast, but not because he greedily sucks in air and rushes with his bare hands at the wolf, but because in his life values ​​there are absolutely no values ​​of love, morality, morality. Smell and orality …

The premiere of Alexander Mitta's television film "Border. Taiga Romance" took place in December 2000.

… The life of a skin-visual female in a provincial military town, on the very northern border of the country of endless territories - the Soviet Union, was hard.

Three friends, three priestesses of love, three skin-visual scenarios. Against the background of unfulfilled visual desires, a drama unfolds …

Drama # 1

Marina Goloshchekina (Olga Budina) is a doctor, wife of Captain Goloshchekin, a valiant officer and cruel smuggler in combination. Nikita Goloshchekin (Alexey Guskov) took her away from under the aisle when she was going to marry for great love to a man with a visual intellect worthy of her. Nikita stole her and took her to a remote village. For a month she lived locked up - he starved her out. In a state of extreme stress, Marina simply "got frightened" into Goloshchekin and gave up: it seemed that she fell in love.

Albina: “Thought that you would be behind Nikita like behind a stone wall?"

Marina: "This wall crushed me … And I myself want to love!"

In the garrison, she meets the officer Ivan Stolbov (Marat Basharov). It is difficult not to pay attention to the developed skin-visual woman in her prime, and even in the military garrison, where the female contingent is in short supply. And Ivan himself is a pure and incorrigible visual romantic, a man capable of love. This is exactly what she needs, she always wanted this, she liked Ivan!


Of course, she could not refrain from relations with Ivan, from satisfying the long-term thirst for feelings. But she cannot part with her husband so immediately: the emotional dependence is too strong. Out of fear, she comes out gradually. And in this "half-hearted" state, forbidden love is even sweeter, it is an additional buildup of its emotional background, an additional pleasure from filling stagnant visual desires for love, sensuality, passion.

The authors of the film present Nikita Goloshchekin as a "beast". He is a beast, but not because he greedily sniffs the air and rushes with his bare hands at the wolf, but because in his life values ​​there is absolutely no quarter of information. But there is a full quartel of energy - smell and orality, the main thing is to survive at any cost!

Garrison chief: “I'm afraid of him, this Goloshchekin. Here he is looking at me, and my hair on my back stands on end!"


… He always appears in the right place at the right time, without a map and a compass, he will find you in the forest, but he will not say anything, because at every moment of time he weaves intrigue after intrigue. "I figured everything out!" - the king of intrigue!

Intrigue for the sake of intrigue is a sign of an underdeveloped olfactory vector. As well as the fact that he embarked on the path of crime for the sake of big money. Strangle his wife by the neck with a string of pearls, scare her to death with a live snake at home, terrify him … And this is his: "I have an aspen stake in my heart!" - evokes associations with evil spirits, this is how the visual person unconsciously feels the olfactory.


Goloshchekin does not forgive betrayal in an anal way, he is sadistic. Olfactory intimidates in order to bring to a state of horror: "Your happiness that I cannot kill you now … and your misfortune that I cannot kill you now!.." Oh, what sweet pheromones of fear a sweet skin-visual woman has - for an archetypal olfactory person such sensations are better than any sex!

He cannot love - this feeling is unfamiliar to him, there are no love experiences in the quartels of energy. He is attached to his wife in an anal way. It also looks like he is olfactory dependent on her, on her scent. But she rips off his heart muscle with her flutter, back and forth, to Stolbov, from Stolbov. So much so that he is already ready to get rid of this addiction … Marina was really threatened with death. He and Ivan were “lucky” that in the end Goloshchekin died himself, becoming a victim of his own intrigue according to the laws of the life scenario of an archetypal olfactory person.

A very remarkable, even turning point, moment in Goloshchekin's life is the episode where Marina desperately begs him to let Ivan go, unlock the bathhouse door, let him out, not burn him: "I will be with you, only with you, just let him go!" But a minute later, when half-dead, and from this even more beloved Vanya was released, she with the same despair begs Nikita to let them and Ivan go.

Nikita planned the murder of Ivan and is annoyed, terribly angry about the failure … The first serious failure in a very long time, and possibly in his entire life. And the reason for this is not an external circumstance, but his own "weakness": he believed his wife, fell for her words. But Marina's immediate goal has been achieved - Ivan's life is saved. Only developed vision is able to "deceive" the sense of smell …


Drama # 2

Albina Voron (Renata Litvinova) - Major Voron's wife, also a medical worker, head of a pharmacy. Of the three friends, she is the most developed in the visual vector, which also does not fill up, does not fill up … Husband, special officer Voron (Andrey Panov), skin-anal: "My house is on the edge", "I am a simple man, I want cabbage soup!" And this blue blood of yours has already gotten across my throat!"

Failure to fulfill vector desires is always a kind of stress, and for the visual vector it is an eternal balance between fear and love. The deepest meanings are spoken through the lips of the character Renata Litvinova.

Having fallen into the quagmire, she was not immediately able to call her friends, who were two steps away, but not because she fell into the so-called "anal stupor" (she has no anal vector at all), but because she could not resist the "swing of fear":

Albina: "Swamp, it embraces me … Fear and love embrace me … Death and love - they are near!.. Why always, when I feel good, I want to die?"

In the scene where Marina almost killed Nikita, when he was molested by their friend Galina, Albina expressed her regret about the "revived" Nikita: "I have a widow's hat with a veil … It's a pity, it would be very suitable for you …"

The subconscious desire of an unrealized skin-visual woman is to free herself from the anal fortress wall, even at the cost of her husband's death.

Complete visual anti-sex: “As soon as he touches my hand, I feel bad. I feel bad, and he feels bad. Therefore, we have no children."

And now she meets true love, the famous singer Glinsky (Vladimir Simonov). There is even nothing to think about, of course, she will run away with him even to the ends of the world: “Well, let me burn. But I'll flare up! And then you smoke, you smoke …"

Goloschekin, realizing his next intrigue, blackmails Glinsky and returns Vorona to his wife Albina, breaking her newborn happiness without a shadow of doubt or reproach of conscience. It became a tragedy for her - the breaking of the strongest emotional connection at its very peak, when the two confessed their love to each other so deep that they decided to go on through life together: she would be his muse, and he would bring a mammoth to the house …

Albina could not withstand this blow, after lying for several days in a semi-conscious state, with difficulty returned to life. It is natural that she fell back into the lowest archetype of the primitive skin-visual whore. Fortunately, in the military garrison there is more than enough space for its implementation. I don't care about my husband, about shame, about condemnation of society. She is bad and scared, and she is in a hurry to fulfill her primitive role, at least her …

Nevertheless, this cannot last long, this is not the way of life that is able to satisfy the needs of the highest developed person. Albina turns into a deeply unhappy half-living creature. In a state of emotional coma, she remains until the death of Goloshchekin, who intimidated the entire garrison, after which her prince on a white horse, Glinsky, can save her and take her away. Far, far away, where she will finally be happy in love …

priestesses of love
priestesses of love

Drama number 3

Galina Zhgut (Elena Panova), wife of Senior Lieutenant Zhgut. Of the three friends, she is the most realized in the visual vector. The husband of the stars from the sky is not enough, but love as much as you want, even though this is lucky. Alexey Zhgut (Mikhail Efremov) is one of those visual intellectuals who have no place in the army. Unrealized in creativity, a person indifferent to army discipline, he is addicted to gambling and drunkenness (the problem of the skin vector).

Nikita Goloschekin catches him on a huge gambling debt, having plans to make him work for himself. However, he did not calculate all the psychic power of the Harness's wife.

Skin-visual beauty Galina, such a law-abiding woman usually (it was she who told Marina: “A husband is a husband, you have to stay with your husband.” While the unrealized Albina advised to run away), in a state of stress, she decides on an illegal adventure and gets out of a hopeless situation. skin legs. " She turns on an unprecedented card fraud and throws his money in Goloshchekin's face. The drama did not happen, the marriage was saved, the husband too. Well, maybe to bring him up a little by his departure, again, reconciliation is sweet. And the dear ones scold - only amuse themselves.

A few words about Goloshchekin performed by Alexei Guskov.

The actor himself is sound-visual, he cannot make an unpleasant impression on those around him, equal to a real olfactory, but he played an oral olfactory person who constantly turns all meanings inside out. The reptile is playing, and you can't help admiring … That's why he is a developed visual vector!

An ingenious script, an excellent cast, an excellent director's work - eight episodes look in one go.

If you are interested in the systematic analysis of the film, you can learn more about systems thinking at the free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Registration by link:

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